The 12 Week FTP Program That Will Explode Your Cycling

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What’s the fastest way to improve your FTP?

How do I increase it over 12 weeks?

What would be the best program? What sessions should I do? When should I do them?

These are some of the most common questions we get around FTP improvement.

So in this episode we explore the most effective ways to build your FTP over a 12 week block.

Keys to the episode:

  • Why age is no barrier to FTP
  • What’s the “true” peaking age?
  • How long should you rest after an Ironman?
  • How to recover well from an Ironman
  • Unlocking the keys to the FTP safe
  • Which training zones to avoid in order to increase your FTP
  • How much Zone 2 is required in an FTP program?
  • The famous FTP session guaranteed to improve your cycling performance
  • What to do at the start of your program vs the end
  • Is it even worth improving your FTP as a triathlete?

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