The Exact Type Of Workouts That Will Improve Your Running Speed

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Today we’re talking about running workouts, and which workouts are going to improve your speed.

But also, how important is speed really in a triathlon?

How much speed work can you actually afford as a triathlete? How much should you be doing?

There are some key differences for triathletes that you need to be aware of when thinking about speed.

Key points of today’s episode:

  • How does training in the heat affect your performance?
  • Is it possible that heat training has similar effects to altitude training?
  • Knowing where you should be performing depending on where you are in the season
  • How important is running speed for triathletes?
  • What are the best training sessions to do for running speed?
  • The risk vs reward factor of speed
  • Why speed sessions for triathletes are different
  • The two best types of speed workouts
  • Closing the gap between your fresh speed and your speed off the bike

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