Ep 54. What are the untold truths of an orgasm?

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On this episode of GET TO KNOW YOU, we discuss another thought-provoking topic; ‘What are the untold truths of an orgasm?’ . This week, I’ll be sitting down with Paula Alvarez ( IG @paulaalvarezsexologa).She was born in Madrid, Spain. She specialises in gender diversity and education. She has an online practise that gives easy access and support. Her approach and ability to connect and make her clients comfortable allows for her best practices approach. Her approach helps those who seek a consultation with a sexologist to fit their needs, specialising in diversity and gender. Her consultations range from a quick message or a 1 hour video call. You can learn more about Paula on her website and instagram. Tune in as we discuss; How can people release their anxiety around sex? What are the untold truths of an orgasm? How do you make talking about sex more accessible for people who are afraid of talking about it? What is the key to having successful communication around sex with your partner? How do you navigate a challenging sexual situation when there has been trauma or damaging past experiences? And more. Stay tuned to the end of the episode to find out how you can join the conversation on the Get To Know You Cafe. If you would like to support me to continue making these podcasts you can go to https://www.buymeacoffee.com/gettoknowyouwtf. A big announcement- A new course called ‘How to Get To Know You’ is available NOW. We will be giving away the first lesson for free on the website. The link is available here www.howtogettoknowyou.thinkific.com.
Music- Sara Oliveira

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