E1: B2B Expos: Why Are You Exhibiting, What’s Your Purpose?

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Neil starts the expo journey by sharing some of his personal expo encounters and a powerful learning experience, from one of the world’s top brands. A lot of companies claim that expos are different these days – they’re no longer about selling – but that’s not always the case. Neil talks about the exhibitors who do best and what they do to ensure they build a successful exhibition, right from the start. Want a hint? Having clarity around your purpose, is the key.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Ideas to improve your financial return and sales team’s motivation
  • An experience - Salon International in London TIGI & Toni & Guy
  • Three types of exhibitors
    • Sellers
    • Promoters
    • Brand Builders
  • The power of knowing your purpose
  • Clarity for your sales team
  • Presenting your USP
  • Training your staff prior to the expo
  • Make it easy for people to buy

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