E19-B2B Handling Objections – That’s Too Expensive

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In this episode, we jump into handling an objection that many salespeople fear. Why? Because most of them, when confronted with a client objection, automatically move to ‘fight or flight.’

Neil shares his experience in handling objections… and how in most cases it ends up working out well. Yet like many salespeople, he also admits that it can be challenging when confronted with a “That’s too expensive” response. However, after rereading one of his favourite books, “Sales EQ” by Jeb Blount, Neil remembered and shares in this episode, a fantastic story from the book titled ‘The Mysterious Brown Bag.’ He goes on to explain how the story can help you understand the principle of repositioning yourself, so that price becomes less of a consideration.

The principle of this story will get you thinking about how you can reposition yourself, your brand and your company during that critical moment when the buyer tries to negotiate on price.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How a lot of sales people move into ‘fight or flight’ when confronted with an objection
  • Price can be a difficult objection to handle, if you’re only focusing on price
  • The principles of how to reposition you and your offer, to counter the “That’s too expensive” objection
  • That a price objection is a buying signal in disguise
  • An important point is a price objection is not always about price, it’s about value – what they get for the price.

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