E23-B2B Hair Salon Owner Interview – Sandy Chong

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This episode looks at how salon owner’s view sales representatives and, in their view, what makes a great rep and a not so good one.

Neil interviews Sandy Chong, owner of Suki Hairdressing in Newcastle NSW and uncovers her thoughts about what makes a great sales rep. Sandy’s highly respected within the industry, is CEO and Board Director of the Australian Hairdressing Council and owns a salon with 17 staff, all of who are renowned for delivering high quality services to a large and loyal clientele.

You’ll soon discover that Sandy has some very clear thoughts about what works for her and her salon.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Learn the expectations of salon owners at the premium end of the salon industry
  • How and what salon owners think of reps
  • Behaviours that Sandy Chong observes and associates with the good and the not so good rep
  • How dynamic salon owners think about their time and how they like it respected

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