E40-B2C Interview with Jennifer McKinley Cor Silver - Using Profit First to rebuild a profitable skin care brand

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This episode takes us on a journey of building a global Skincare brand, Cor Silver.

Jennifer McKinley with Neil discusses some of the difficulties in growing an international skin care brand.

Jennifer’s journey started with a MBA degree from Yale university, thinking that would set her in good stead off she set to grow a skin care brand. In doing so she chased top-line sales growth and managed to secure many prestigious stockists around the world.

Only to discover that at the end of the month after paying her team and other costs there wasn’t the profit she had hoped for.

At a point of shear frustration Jennifer discovered the Profit First system which allowed her to restructure her finances. This opportunity also forced her to review the brands profitability and as a result she withdrew the brand from Russa and Japan.

Today with refined distribution plan Jennifer has a profitable business that allows her a lifestyle. This sis a truly inspirational story that all business owners need to hear.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • That top line growth is not always profitable.
  • Turnover is vanity and profit is sanity.
  • Making the tuff business decision can lead to a more enjoyable business lifestyle

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