E43: B2C Interview with Dennis Langford MD Tony&Guy Australia

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Our Clinic Growth Sprints series of episodes takes a new direction, with Neil inviting accomplished industry personalities to the microphone, and asking them a simple question: If you were starting out as a Salon Owner today, what business and financial advice would you give your younger self?”

In the first of these new interviews, we’re delighted to have Dennis Langford, Managing Director of Tony & Guy Australia, as our guest, and to share some of his time and wisdom.

Dennis and Neil initially share their memories of the industry and revisit the start of Tony & Guy in Australia. Then, Dennis openly shares some of his learnings along the journey and how he got through both the good and bad times. Of particular interest is understanding how he came to grips with the financial side of the Tony & Guy business.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • The value of having a good team around you
  • Understanding the importance of managing the costs of your business
  • That stress reduces your creativity
  • How to start your business planning from by starting with profit first
  • The 4 steps of the pathway of least resistance

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