Real Estate Syndication with Amy Silvis

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What if you grew up being told you wouldn't live past puberty? What if you were starting with nothing but your ingenuity and wanted to build a multi-million dollar business? What if all you had in your favor was a positive attitude and a supportive spouse? If you're Amy Sylvis, you'd knock it out of the park!

In this week's episode of Get Your FILL - Financial Independence & Long Life podcast, you'll learn about a passive-income investment strategy while being amazed by the person who created it.

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About Amy Sylvis:

Amy Sylvis is the founder and principal of Sylvis Capital, a real estate firm that invests in large multifamily properties in emerging markets throughout the United States. Accredited and non-accredited investors appreciate investing alongside us to take advantage of not only our extensive experience, but also our detailed research and exclusive relationships.

Sylvis Capital offers multifamily investment opportunities without the day to day hassles of owning real estate while generating strong returns.

Sylvis Capital currently has over 654 apartment units and $59M worth of assets under management.

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