How Did You Become A Superstar? with Molly Shannon

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Sometimes, when we get real excited about an episode, we stick our hands under our armpits and SNIFF ’EM! And this week, we’re real excited, because we have none other than THE superstar Molly Shannon on the show. Listen in as she and Jonathan discuss her comedy career, her new book Hello, Molly!, and how they crossed paths long before Jonathan was cast on Queer Eye.

Molly Shannon is an Emmy-nominated and Independent Spirit Award-winning actress and comedian. You know her from her Saturday Night Live, Other People, The Other Two, The White Lotus, and so many other incredible film and television projects. She’s in the upcoming Showtime series I Love That For You, and her new memoir Hello, Molly! is out now.

Make sure to follow Molly on Instagram @theofficialsuperstar.

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