Answering Abigail's ballot questions, and Prop 19 pros and cons

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Abigail Zoger teachers biology at Santa Rosa Junior College, cares about climate change and social justice issues and, like a lot of California voters, has questions about the complicated housing propositions on her ballot. On this episode of Gimme Shelter, Matt and Liam try to answer those questions to help make Abigail more informed about her vote. First, an Avocado of the Fortnight asks WWJD about a homeless person on a park bench (3:00)? Then Abigail gets her questions (mostly) answered about the rent control initiative (Prop 21) and the portable property tax breaks initiative (Prop 19) (6:30). Finally, interviews with Sara Kimberlin, policy analyst with the California Budget and Policy Center (35:00), and David Wolfe, consultant with the "Yes on Prop 19" campaign (48:00). Editing by Victor Figueroa:

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