The eviction cliff, with Rep. Maxine Waters

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California faces the prospect of hundreds of thousands of evictions if lawmakers don't come up with new protections by the end of the month. On this episode, Matt and Liam discuss the looming eviction wave, and the loophole in eviction moratoriums that has allowed sheriff deputies to lock out tenants during "shelter in place." First, the Avocado of the Fortnight introduces us to the term "garden igloo" (3:00). Then, a discussion of current federal and state efforts to stave off the eviction cliff (6:30). Matt shamelessly promotes his story about the 1,600 households evicted during the pandemic (18:00). Then, an interview with Rep. Maxine Waters, Democrat from Los Angeles, about federal efforts to forestall evictions, President Trump's comments about "suburban housewives", and how Gov. Newsom has handled the pandemic (29:00). Matt's Story: Editing and post-production by Victor Figueroa.

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