Is a Meghan Markle Beauty Line in the Works? Plus Sara's Experience With PRP and More

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Glams, huge news. First off, Kirbie and Sara are losing it over the thought of Selena Gomez and Chris Evans dating. What would their celebrity couple name be? Sara then shares her experience getting PRP injected into her face with Dr. Jason Diamond, one of LA's top plastic surgeons. In not-so-shocking news, Sara recommends yet another body product. We're fine with it -- has she steered us wrong before? (No.) In headlines, we share our first impressions of Ellen Degeneres's new skin care line, Kind Science, which lead us to another piece of interesting news: Meghan Markle recently met with the co-founder of cosmetics giant Guthy-Renker. Is a Duchess brand in the works? We also make a case as to why you should start your holiday shopping this week and expand upon the news that JCPenney Beauty will start offering mass, massteige and prestige beauty products starting this month.

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