Episode 15: Halls of Horror

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In this particular episode, our travelling quadrio… that’s a word, right? Ventures deeper into this dungeon and start encountering very odd, misshapen monstrosities, all worst than the last. See how they deal with this, resist the urge to throw up and outsmart me as I try to get them with this… disgusting… things.

Plus, go check out Strangers No More! It’s the podcast on which I guested, here’s Zach’s links!

Apple podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/strangers-no-more/id1547445207

Instagram: @strangersnomorepod

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As always, thank you to Tabletop Audio for the incredibly immersive soundsets! You can find their work on tabletopaudio.com and even support them on Patreon! The soundsets used in this episode are Dungeon I, Field of Heroes and The Underdark.

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