The Right Way to Spend Money

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There is a right way to spend money. How do you know if you’re spending your money the right way? Jonathan Clements, founder of Humble Dollar and author How to Think About Money, says money can buy happiness. He explains why it may seem as if you don’t have enough money and what you can do about it. Jonathan also believes in the idea of “Buckets of Happiness,” and explains how people should invest and spend their money.

Investing doesn’t have to be hard

Doug has four steps to make investing easier. The Easy Way to Invest Around the World is a free resource designed for every investor around the globe. If you need a little encouragement to keep cash on hand, read Why Cash May be More Important Than Stocks. Download free resource: The Easy Way to Invest Around the World To follow Jonathan Clements visit his website Humble Dollar and follow him on Twitter. You can also buy How to Think About Money. If you’re not already receiving updates on new episodes, sign up now, and as a special bonus, receive Doug’s free ebook The Retirement Planning Book.

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