24: We’ve achieved more by working across traditional boundaries in the past 5 months, than in the previous 5 years combined – Mike Wilson, Executive Director, Pembroke House

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The GCBC team are joined by Mike Wilson, Chief Executive of Pembroke House. Founded in 1885 by students from Pembroke College, Cambridge, Pembroke House is a “settlement” in the neighbourhood of Walworth, South London, which aims to “bridge traditional divides and unite people” in the local community.
Mike discusses what it means to be a “settlement” in the 21st century; how his organisation transformed itself into a “food hub” during the pandemic, and why he hopes Pembroke House won’t need to operate in this way for long.
Good Charity, Bad Charity is presented by Keith Davis, Camilla McGibbon and David Prest. It is produced by Dan Hardoon at Whistledown and supported by the Centre for Charity Effectiveness.

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