Grand Theft Audio #3 - Next GTA Revisiting San Andreas?

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In this all new podcast from Dayna, Mucu, and Soseki explore the strange video that appeared on Rockstar's website. Is it a clue that the next game will be back in Southern California? We also give you a Red Dead Redemption update, our views on the new God of War III footage, and much, much more! All in about 30 minutes! Here's what you get this week: 1. Mysterious file downloaded from Rockstar Website- San Andreas for the next GTA? 2. Red Dead Redemption Update 3. Reader Response- Clarification on L.A. Noire Facial Mapping Tech. 4. God of War III footage impressions 5. Heavy Rain- Mucu's beaten it. Get his first impressions. 6. Resident Evil: Lost in Nightmares 7. Favorite game genres 8. Shoutouts and Closing If you have any questions feel free to e-mail us at or follow our Twitter here and join our Facebook here. Thanks for listening and have a great day!

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