Episode One: Sue Johnston. April 12, 2017

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Welcome to the first episode of GraniteGals, the podcast that celebrates the women who hike New Hampshire's mountains!

We are honored to have Sue Johnston as our first interviewee

. Sue is a living legend -- she has accomplished a multitude of truly incredible athletic feats including, most recently, hiking the White Mountain Grid in one single calendar year. That's hiking all 48 of NH's Four Thousand Footers during every single month of the year (576 ascents) -- all in one single calendar year. Check out Sue's long list of other wonderful accomplishments on her blog, runsuerun.blogspot.com

We interviewed Sue at the lovely Abbie Greenleaf Library in Franconia, NH on April 12, 2017. We asked Sue about the Grid, redlining the Whites, her experiences breaking the record for the fasted supported hike of the John Muir Trail in California, highpointing, the Cohos Trail, and bear encounters -- plus, we had a few non-hiking-related questions. It was a wonderful conversation and we are so grateful for Sue's time.

This is our first podcast and we are still getting used to the equipment and technology, so forgive the fact that this isn't quite NPR quality (yet!).

We hope to have a new episode out every two weeks. Happy hiking!

Scroll down beneath the photos to access the audio.

GraniteGals Episode One: Sue Johnston, April 12, 2017

Sue Johnston, GraniteGals, 2017 April

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