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Welcome to the Great Women in Compliance Podcast, co-hosted by Lisa Fine and Mary Shirley.

Mary met Archana Shastri on her first day of work as Legal and Compliance Counsel at Tata Communications in Singapore in 2010. The two were peers and became fast friends, bonding quickly as two of the quieter colleagues and, in fact, the only two Compliance colleagues in the Singapore headquarters.

Archana, though now a Singaporean citizen, originally hails from India, and Mary asked Archana about some of the country's cultural characteristics that might be of interest to Compliance Officers. Archana also generally shares an update on the Asia Pacific region and comments on levels of activity from some of the local Compliance regulators and authorities.

Mary asked Archana what she would like European and US-headquartered companies to know about the Asia Pacific region – Mary wholeheartedly stands behind Archana's points on this one!

Archana also details what it was like to study for her Master's Degree in Anti-Corruption studies, a course based in Vienna.

Archana wraps up the episode with some general commentary on the state and development of data privacy law in the Asia Pacific region.

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