Episode 13: The Farm Accident Heard Round the World

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Episode 13: The Farm Accident Heard Round the World
In Episode 13 of Greg Klein's Old School Rasslin Talk, Greg:

Talks about the famous 1973 NWA title controversy when champion Dory Funk Jr.'s shoulder injury causes him to miss a scheduled title change in Houston, and how it leads to a new build-up for Jack Brisco in Houston.
Looks at a program from July 6, 1973, the match before the match, as Jack Brisco wins a No. 1 contender's match with Funk Jr. in order to earn a title shot against Harley Race.
Charts Funk Jr.'s run in Houston wrestling as NWA champ, from 1969 to 1973, including matches against Johnny Valentine, Jose Lothario, Red Bastien, Ernie Ladd, and an entire year of Wahoo McDaniel matches.
Looks at Race and Brisco in Houston in 1973.
Looks at Race's two-month introductory title reign.
Tells the story of Stevie Wonder's extravagant Christmas present buying spree at The Sharper Image.
Greg Klein's Old School Rasslin Talk is sponsored by Greg and his work. You can buy "The King of New Oreans: How the Junkyard Dog Became Pro Wrestling's First Black Superstar" and "The Paper Tigers: The Untold True Story About How Five Guys From the Streets of Philadelphia Became Professional Baseball Players for One Day" on Amazon.

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