The Clone Wars: Rako Hardeen Arc, Part 1

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The first half of the Rako Hardeen arc (The Clone Wars 4.15–16) is a romp, y’all. Obi-Wan goes undercover as a hardened criminal to sabotage a plot against Chancellor Palpatine as the entire galaxy believes him to be dead. He hooks up with Cad Bane — who can be threatening even when he’s only armed with a toothpick — and tries to outrun Anakin and Ahsoka, on the warpath for vengeance.

We talk about great villains, iconic prison breaks, and how when Anakin tries to avenge his best friend’s murder, he comes perilously close to committing that murder himself.

Next week, we’re diving into the second half of the Rako Hardeen arc (The Clone Wars 4.17–18).

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