The Clone Wars: Rako Hardeen Arc, Part 2

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Did you know that Star Wars has a bounty hunter-themed reality TV show in the middle of Season Four? Who knew! Shenanigans continue in the second half of the Rako Hardeen arc (The Clone Wars 4.17–18) as Dooku whittles down 12 of the galaxy’s greatest bounty hunters to five. It’s a race against time — and Anakin’s impatience — as Obi-Wan tries to thwart Dooku’s plans to kidnap Chancellor Palpatine.

In our recap, we talk about what it takes to be a bounty hunter, Obi-Wan as The Negotiator, Cad Bane’s code of ethics, and the beginning of the end of Anakin’s trust in the Jedi Council. Come for the jokes, stay for the astonishing Zillo Beast cameo!

Next week, we’re recapping the beginning of Season Four’s final arc: Asajj + Maul, Part 1 (The Clone Wars 4.19–20).

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