Episode 50: One Year Anniversary Celebration! Asajj + Maul Arc, Part 2 with Tim Beisiegel of Funny Science Fiction Podcast

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We have so much to celebrate this episode! The Asajj + Maul Arc, Part 2 marks the end of Season Four of the Clone Wars…our 50th episode…our one-year anniversary as a podcast…and May the 4th (Be With You).

We’re so excited to have Tim Beisiegel of Funny Science Fiction Podcast and Pop Culture Addicts on the show with us. Tim has been a champion of Growing Up Skywalker from the beginning, and it was a delight to hear him talk about some of his favorite Clone Wars episodes!

If you like lightsabers, this is the arc for you! In our recap of “Brothers” and “Revenge” (The Clone Wars 4.21–22) we talk about Mother Talzin’s band of terrifying children, Sam Witwer’s theory of the void inside all Sith, the symmetry of Anakin and Darth Maul’s journeys, and Obi-Wan’s imposter syndrome.

Join us next week to begin Season Five of The Clone Wars, but watch out — due to chronological timelines, we’re not watching the first episode of the season yet! We’ll be recapping 5.2–3, “A War on Two Fronts” and “Front Runners,” the first half of the Onderon Arc.

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