Episode 51: Onderon Arc, Part 1

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Hot on the heels of our arc about brotherhood, we have another sibling story — and this time, it’s about Saw and Steela Gerrera.

Our recap of the first half of the Onderon Arc (The Clone Wars 5.2–3, “A War on Two Fronts” and “Front Runners”) throws us into a rebellion of Anakin’s making. There is a fantastic training montage, a sort of meh love triangle between Ahsoka, Steela and Lux, and a delightful heist that brings the rebellion to new heights. We talk about overachieving daughters and proxy wars of history. Most importantly, we celebrate Anakin giving extremely good dad-vice to Ahsoka. Snips and Skyguy 4ever.

Next week, we’re finishing off the Onderon Arc with 5.4–5, “The Soft War” and “Tipping Points.”

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