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Hey there mama! Do you want to honor the Lord and surrender your business to Him? Are you struggling to find balance between business growth and what the Lord wants for you? Do you ever wonder if you can truly be successful in your Network Marketing business? In this podcast we’re going to talk about how you can partner with the Lord in your Network Marketing business in a way that puts your priorities in order. We’re going to talk about Biblical Growth Mindset, being a Female Christian Entrepreneur, and connecting the dots between your faith, business, and mindset. This podcast is for you if… You’re ready to take God off the back shelf and put Him at His rightful place, the head of your business. You’re ready to surrender it all to Him. You’re ready to build a Kingdom business. Hey!!! I’m Michelle! Daughter of the King, wife, mama, and entrepreneur for over a decade. I have the BIG goals and dreams. I’ve done them hand in hand with the Lord and, far too often, I’ve put Him on the back burner and tried them on my own. You can guess how that went. 😉 It’s taken me too long to see that our God wants the BEST…not the leftovers. He is capable of amazing things and He wants so much for us…HIS DAUGHTERS! Are you ready to put the Lord at the TOP of your business and find out what blessings He has awaiting you? Grab your Bible, notebook, and that coffee that’s beeping at you from the microwave...better yet, pour it over ice and let’s get ready to GROW...against the grain! website: email: instagram: subscribe:

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