EP2: Effin Magic: A Meet-Day In The Life Of TIFPL

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This week on episode two of GutsXGritXGrind – the This is Female Powerlifting podcast, we are fresh off competing at Power Surge 7, an APU/CPU sanctioned meet here in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada that just so happens to be one of the largest in Western Canada. We share our meet experiences and sprinkle in tips along the way as we move from the week before to the night of, to the meet in all its glory!

1:10 – The week before. Beans cries. Tess needed the deload. Gaia went to a fancy event in the mountains and ate butter. Darron still manages to make workouts take forever.

6:00 – The night before. Distractions, Oreos and #pantrygains

9:20 – Who sleeps the day before a meet?

10:30 – Weigh ins.

12:45 – Things you brought that you were glad to have and things you didn’t bring that you wish you had.

· 16:10 – Beans brings a full loaf of bread to meets

16:30 – PSA – things you can/cannot wear at a meet

· 15:00 – T-shirt rules in the CPU/IPF

· 18:00 – Darron isn’t exactly sure what a headband is

o Discussion of hair requirements for women, particularly for bench

· 18:55 – The Russian with pigtails is Maryana Naumova. More info here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maryana_Naumova; if you search her on YouTube you’ll find some pretty impressive lifts

· 19:10 – The difference between sleeves and wraps

o Sleeves - https://www.innerstrengthproducts.ca/allcategories/ipfapproved/sbdkneesleeves

o Wraps - https://www.innerstrengthproducts.ca/allcategories/ipfapproved/gripperkneewrap

§ In addition to knowing the difference between sleeves (compressive knee covers) and wraps (something you literally wrap around your knees) also make sure to know what brands of sleeves/wraps are allowed within your federation.

· 20:20 – Ask your questions before the meet! The stupid question is the one you don’t ask that burns you when you get to your meet.

· 22:00 – if you need/want a mama bear, just tell someone at a meet that it’s your first day

23:30 – Pre-Game

· 25:00 – Two-hour weigh-ins and killing time during those two hours

· 26:25 – Warm-ups – guess what? You’re going to share a platform!

· 29:15 – Talking with your coach about what your warm up looks like before the meet

33:50 – The real deal! Let’s start with squats

· 35:30 – TIFPL hot tip: walk on the platform sometime after weigh ins. Just get a feel for it so you know what to expect when you lift on it later.

· 39:00 – Gaining confidence in your lifts

46:00 – Onto bench!

· 47:15 – Make sure you know your rules! You can beat records by as little as 0.5 kilos

· 50:50 – TIFPL Hot Tip: do not be married to success being only a certain weight – have goals, but be kind to yourself about your goals

52:45 – Pick things up and put them down – the DEADLIFT!

· 54:00 – Pee. It happens, so let’s talk about it

o 55:25 – sponsorship from Poise please! For real though, they are a great option if you’re worried about peeing on the platform. Don’t let pee fear stand in the way of your PRs. http://www.poise.com/products/absorbency-guide

· 1h:00 – Gaia needs new goals – feel free to send your recommendations!

· 1h:05 – Jason Luo – awesome 59 kilo junior lifter. Great guy. Catch him at @drysnots on Instagram

1h:06 – Refereeing commentary

· 1h:06 – TIFPL PSA: Referees are not out to get you; they want to see you succeed. If you get a red light and you do not know why – ASK.

· 1h:09 – props to TIFPL’s favorite referee, Angelina (@ms.vangainzwyk on Instagram). Not only did she compete in her first equipped bench only; she then got out of her shirt and reffed for the entire rest of the day. Thank you for everything you do!

1h:10 – Final thoughts on Power Surge

· 1h:12 – shout out to Imran (@imran3 on Instagram) for spotting/loading all day and providing the best hand-offs in the business!

1h:13 – TIFPL Shout Outs – if you have recommendations, #tifplshoutouts on Instagram!

· Stacy Burr (@bamaburr on Instagram) – IPL WR squat of 435# at 148. You can watch it here: https://www.instagram.com/p/BMpLMXLjqvV/?taken-by=bamaburr

· Joanna Reiber (@littlejo.r on Instagram) – OPA Provincials – 9/9, 137.5/90/155, PRs in all three lifts, PR Wilks of 483, and best female lifter. As a 52 kilo lifter, Joanna is one kilo shy of a 3x bw deadlift.

1h:14 – #tifpldirtbagbconfessions – this week we mainly just talked about poop. If you have a dirtbag confession, please hit us up!

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