Episode 6 - "Absolutely Cuckoo"

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CONTENT WARNING: This episode contains scenes of sex, sexual activity, and kissing, at 0:50-1:22, 3:55, 4:50, 13:31-13:35, 15:16-15:37, and 15:57-16:00. There is also a discussion of homophobia. Please take caution as needed.

Episode 6 of Hand In Glove was written, directed, produced and sound designed by David Hanna.

The role of Javy Correa is played by Charlie Pacheco. The role of Jake Corliss is played by Ezra J. Wayne.

Script translations and additional dialogue provided by Charlie Pacheco.

Sensitivity readings provided by Daniel J. Martinez, Jr. and Charlie Pacheco.

A full transcript with a listing of all sound effects used in this episode can be found on our website or by clicking this link.

The introduction music is "sunshower" from the album i hate this guitar by Louie Zong. The credits music is "summer on the minuteman bikeway" from the album memory by Louie Zong.

We would like to extend a huge thank you to all of our contributors to this show, and this week we want to shout out several of our Team Sponsors:

Francesca Ossi, James M. Gertzog, Trevor Van Winkle, Max Kreisky, Emily Sackett, Andrew Siañez-De La O, Spring Cullen, and Wes Bourland.

For a list of all contributors, visit our Contributors page on our website.

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