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Help Wanted! Hangar 49 has been plagued by technical issues such as lost recordings, bad microphone quality, editing delays, and bad jokes. We blame our production staff for everything. So, we are looking for help. We need a production team member who is an experienced and qualified audio engineer, network administrator, editor, news director, web designer, script writer, comedy writer, commercial pilot, CFII, and janitor who can work under pressure in a fast-paced environment while being supervised by crazy micro-managers. There is no salary, no insurance, no sick days, and no paid vacation. If this sounds like your dream job, please send us your resume.

Oh, and listen to our latest episode:

Movie: The Skydivers (1963)

Book: First Light by Geoffrey Wellum

Interview: James Polivka/Cubcrafters

Website: FlightRadar24

Song: The Kinks/(Wish I could Fly Like) Superman

Destination/Places to Fly To: Barra Airport/Scotland

Comedy/Sound: Mad TV/Prohibited Items at The Airport

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