Players We've Changed Our Minds On & NYGvWAS Review

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Let's break down the film from Thursday night's Giants/Washington game and talk about the fantasy implications. Did Saquon Barkley really look bad? Is Kenny Golladay hopeless? Will J.D. McKissic be a fatal flaw in Antonio Gibson's value? We'll review it all and tell you what we saw, and then we'll list five players that Cousin Josh has changed his mind about after just one week of NFL games. Guest: Cousin Josh.


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Five Players Josh Has Changed His Mind About:

5. Michael Pittman will be droppable in a few weeks

4. Ryan Tannehill isn't a startable fantasy QB

3. Kyle Pitts is headed for great things

2. Robby Anderson trade him away

1. Jonathan Taylor I'm sorry! You're great!

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