Scouting Rookie QBs & TEs For 2021

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Trevor Lawrence is the can't-miss kid and he's going #1 in the upcoming NFL Draft. But what about the rest of what might be a historic quarterback class? We'll give you our evaluation on the likes of Justin Fields, Zach Wilson, Mac Jones, Trey Lance and we'll dive into the film of Kyle Pitts, who some are calling the greatest tight end prospect ever. Is it true? Is he locked in as a fantasy starter in Year One, regardless of landing spot? We will discuss! Guest: Paul Perdichizzi of the Saturday2Sunday Podcast.


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2021 NFL Draft Prospects Discussed Today:

Trevor Lawrence

Zach Wilson

Justin Fields

Trey Lance

Mac Jones

Jamie Newman

Kyle Pitts

Pat Freiermuth

Brevin Jordan

Hunter Long

Tommy Tremble

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