NFC South Preview & Cam Akers Injury

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Ugh! Cam Akers has torn his Achilles' and will miss the 2021 season. What does this do to the Rams running back situation? Of course, we don't fully know yet, but we'll give first impressions of this fantasy-football-altering injury, plus we'll continue our division-by-division previews of August training camps by focusing on the teams of the NFC North, including what we'll be looking for with the Saints' QB battle and what the signs might be that Kyle Pitts is ready to be a major fantasy force. Guest: Jake Ciely of The Athletic.


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Players Discussed Today:

Cam Akers

Jameis Winston

Taysom Hill

Alvin Kamara

Michael Thomas

Antonio Brown

Giovani Bernard

Sam Darnold

D.J. Moore

Robby Anderson

Matt Ryan

Kyle Pitts

Mike Davis

Justin Russell Gage

Javian Hawkins

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