Scouting Rookie WRs For 2021

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We're on the verge of another historic wide receiver class in this year's NFL Draft. Let's evaluate the biggest names *before* they have landing spots by which we can be blinded. Is LSU's Ja'Marr Chase truly the prize in the Class of 2021? Are Devonta Smith and Jaylen Waddle of Alabama worthy of first-round consideration? And just how deep does this group go? We'll get to all the names you'll need to know as rookie WRs for fantasy football in '21. Guest: Nick Whalen of the Devy Report.


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2021 Wide Receiver Prospects Discussed Today:

Ja'Marr Chase

DeVonta Smith

Jaylen Waddle

Terrance Marshall

Elijah Moore

Ronald Moore

Kadarius Toney

Rashod Bateman

Tylan Wallace

Amari Rodgers

Tamorrion Terry

Jaelon Darden

Dyami Brown

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