Week 2 Ranks - What To Do With Saquon?

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We know a lot more about the NFL circa 2021 right now than we did at this time last week. So now we should use that information to set our Week 2 lineups! What do *your* start/sit decisions look like? We'll discuss some of the most likely candidates to be started and benched based on last week's results and game film, and hopefully get your fantasy squad percolating! Guest: Matt Harmon of Yahoo! Fantasy and ReceptionPerception.com.


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Week 2 Ranks Discussed Today:

Aaron Jones

Ezekiel Elliott

Mark Ingram

Christian Kirk

Julio Jones

Juwan Johnson

Baker Mayfield

Ryan Tannehill

Joe Burrow

Saquon Barkley

Damien Harris

James Robinson / Carlos Hyde

Ronald Jones / Leonard Fournette

Antonio Brown / Chris Godwin / Mike Evans

Deebo Samuel

Tim Patrick / Courtland Sutton

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