Week 3 Ranks - Is Justin Fields A Must-Start?

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Let's get those fantasy football lineups ready for Week 3! We'll talk our way through some difficult start/sit decisions, including what to do with Justin Fields, the Bears' rookie QB who comes to the starting gig with so much rushing potential. We'll also break down what to make of James Robinson's season so far, whether Odell Beckham should be a fantasy starter if he returns, whether Mike Williams is getting close to eclipsing Keenan Allen, and much more! Guest: Jake Ciely from The Athletic and the All-In Football Podcast.


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Week 3 Ranks Discussed Today:

Daniel Jones

Darrell Henderson

Ty'Son Williams

Odell Beckham

Courtland Sutton

Justin Fields

Najee Harris

James Robinson

Cordarrelle Patterson / James White / Tony Pollard

Mike Evans / Antonio Brown

Mike Williams / Keenan Allen

Brandin Cooks

Kenny Golladay

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