Episode 16 - Is Jesus the only way?

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So the Word on the Street is... there's hundreds of ways to heaven! Through the power of positive thinking, jet plane, number 9 bus, your Auntie Gina's walk in wardrobe, behind the book cause, meditation, magic, method acting ... oh and Jesus! This week we're discussing why we think Jesus is the only salvation! We're challenging the many truths philosophy, we're asking does it make sense for there to be more than one way? The questions we are ask this week are: 1) Is Jesus the only way to heaven? 2) Why Christianity and not any other religion? 3) Can you be a Christian and accept other worldview? We urge you to share this episode with any of your friends or family who do not believe or are doubting we pray it blesses them! Follow us on: Instagram - @hashtagscripture Twitter - @htscripture Facebook - hashtag scripture SoundCloud - hashtag scripture iTunes - hashtag scripture and join us on Wednesdays at 10pm for our weekly Instagram Live Q&A.

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