Episode 4 - Would you go to prison for the gospel?

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So the word on the street is ... We're all talk and no action, we're not ride or die we're ride away, when push comes to shove we're high tailing it out there and when the going gets tough we are going away! We just want to be cute Christians but a lot of us are not really about the life we wouldn't lose our jobs, or leave our families or go to prison or die for the gospel! Today we’ll be discussing What the early church and the disciples went through for the gospel The Western Christian experience and how it differs to the original Christian experience Scenarios we could face and how we would deal with them Follow us on: #Instagram - www.instagram.com/hashtagscripture #Twitter - www.twitter.com/htscripture #Facebook - www.facebook.com/hashtag scripture #SoundCloud - www.soundcloud.com/hashtagscripture #iTunes - hashtag scripture (https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/hashtag-scripture/id1344661157?mt=2) #Patreon - www.patreon.com/hashtagscripture Share the #podcast, get involved in the comments and join us on Wednesdays at 10pm for our weekly Instagram Live Q&A.

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