2021 Halloween Special: Sounds of Halloween

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Welcome foolish mortals to our Halloween Special! For this year’s special, I’m playing you sounds of Halloween from all over the country. This is more like a Halloween mix tape featuring recordings from shows and walkthroughs. So hit play, sit back, and let the screams roll. If you want to skip around, here’s a list of everything included (the timecodes are in parentheses): Gore-ing 20s (00:01:46); Magic and Mirth at the Birdcage Theatre (00:09:00); Wicked Drums (00:10:16); Passport to Fear with Horrorbuzz (00:19:18); Castle Dark Opening Ceremony (00:21:43); Oogie Boogie Bash (00:24:04); Cadaver Dans during Boo Bash (00:25:51); Los Angeles Haunted Hayride (00:30:55); All Saints Lunatic Asylum (00:39:45); Dark Harvest (00:46:57); Sir Henry's Haunted Trail (01:01:29); County Line Fright (01:08:31); The Clown Academy (01:14:34); Beware the Dark Realm (01:28:34); 31 Nights of Hauntoween (01:33:02); Ghoul School at Gaylord Palms (01:35:06); Creatures of the Night at Zoo Tampa (01:41:01). Today’s Halloween special was produced and recorded by Philip Hernandez. Postproduction by David swope. Our team includes Emily Louise Rua, David Swope, Meghan Spells, Gavin Burns, Maximus Bryant, and Darryl Plunkie. Thank you to The Scare Factor for sending in trip reports all season and to our partner stations – A Scott in the Dark, Scare Track, and Hauntopic Radio. Remember we’ll be back next week with our regular content.

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