Haunted Attraction Industry News for Oct 26th

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Stories: Halloween on Ambush Lane expands; The Boston Globe reports on haunt labor shortages; The New York Times looks at how haunts hope to rebound in 2021; Six Flags St. Louis hosted Rocky Horror Picture Show screenings; Zombie Captain America makes an appearance at Disney California Adventure's Oogie Boogie Bash; Fright Trail's TikTok videos go viral; UVA Wise College's Haunting Houses course teaches students to create & operate their own haunt with Forbidden Fairgrounds; Home haunter Alan Perkins creates a massive skeleton display; Take a self-guided SPOOKtactular tour through Nibley, Utah; Mars Wrigley brings Halloween cheer to Newark, Chicago, Washington D.C., and Toronto; Pumpkin shortages affect the U.S.; Dole recommends pineapples as a pumpkin alternative; Win a $250 Home Depot gift card with Mr. Handyman's 4th annual Pumpkin Carving Photo Contest; Smithsonian Magazine details the history of jack-o-lanterns. Read the stories: https://mailchi.mp/hauntedattractionnetwork.com/haunt-industry-news-oct-25

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