Anatomy of Religious Trauma

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Okay, so in this audio, I really want to explain the anatomy of religious trauma, if you will. And I call it the anatomy because this is something I learned and recreated off of the stuff I learned years ago with Marlene, why now when I was first understanding what was going on with me. And so I think this visual makes it really easy to understand and allows you to go okay, here are the areas that I want to change, work on, grow in, and remodel, okay. So if you look at this document here, we've got the church, the family and church authority culture. So this is our close religious environment. If you're homeschooled, this is going to be even stronger. Right? And the reason I say this is because when you're involved in a cult of any type that's so strict, that you're not able to think beyond what the cult thinks you're typically cut off from knowing things about psychology, knowing proper history, in fact, your history is usually skewed or changed so that, you know, the control mechanisms that are in place. Don't help you let you learn about proper history. Culture is typically cut off politics, obviously, real science, definitely. And of course, sex. So all these different areas of growth and learning...

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