Do You Cult Hop?

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I'm going to give you the three fastest ways to leave your religion and stop cult hopping. This is obviously for those who feel completely dedicated to getting to know themselves, reclaiming who they are, deconstructing their old points of view, and obviously reinventing their whole lives.
If you're someone who's still dabbling in religious ideals, and you kind of want to try out other churches is probably not for you. Because the first thing that you need to do is stop going back to church, okay?!
If you want to deconstruct your mindset, if you actually want to leave all of these thought processes behind, you have to stop going to church for a while, or at least until you get enough of your sense of 'self' back and you can actually make a wise decision without the influences of fear. Because you can only make a wise decision if it's based on your own innate truth or what you really feel is right for you. Not if you're making a decision based on fear. And if you're making a decision based on fear, then that's that's not a decision, you're coming from the survival brain again, and you're just doing old patterns.
Alright, so you're committed to change, listen up...
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