{Part 3} Demystifying Religious Trauma - Do You Get My Vibe?!

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Part #3 Demystifying Religious Trauma Syndrome

Breaking away from religion can be a traumatic experience to say the least. Many people are left with deep emotional wounds that they struggle to understand. And it can be hard to step away when indoctrination repeatedly tells you it’s wrong or sinful to leave. The effects are often described as extremely painful…

Feelings like:

You are a bad person and will never be good enough.

You might feel like there is something wrong with you and you deserve punishment.

You might struggle with triggers and uncontrollable emotions.

You might feel like your world is falling apart and you’re totally alone in it.

And of course, there’s SO much more…

However, in this series, I will explain why leaving religion can be so difficult and how to cope with the emotional aftermath of rejecting faith-based ideology. I'm going to help you understand how your religious indoctrination has affected your life, unconsciously, in ways that may not have made sense until now.

It's time for us to demystify Religious Trauma Syndrome so we can move forward together towards healing and wholeness!

By watching these videos (or listening to this podcast) you'll discover new ways to think about yourself and feel more at peace with what happened in your past.

Try to view the videos in order because I build upon each idea bit-by-bit. I've created this series with you in mind by using a technique called Liminal thinking. This will help you gain clarity around the subject, reframe how you feel about yourself and begin to confidently move forward from the symptoms.

You're not alone in your struggles with understanding religion!

There are many people who feel the way you do. I’ll help you to see that trauma can lead us to become whatever our unconscious ideas we made of ourselves, healthy or unhealthy. Let yourself slip into the liminal space where something new is possible, and return with self-growth and change in hand!



On Youtube for visuals:

Welcome to Demystifying Religious Trauma Syndrome! https://youtu.be/sHV4GJAlLJo

#1 Hebbian Learning, Metaphors & Patternshttps://youtu.be/tpKgF5enzc4

#2 Let's Talk About Trance Baby! https://youtu.be/d6T3j-t71xs

#3 Do You Get My Vibes? https://youtu.be/ZLT94332IYk

#4 The Thinking-Feeling Loop https://youtu.be/nePq3LL1oek

#5 Triggers & Coping Mechanisms https://youtu.be/p1axB6QRrC0

#6 Survival Brain & Secondary Gains https://youtu.be/a4UlDLb7eVs

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