40 - Energy Check-in - Ways to look after yourself in chaotic energies.

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I don't know what happened to my microphone but the sound in this episode for me is not ideal, so I apologise at the outset. I tried to fix it, hopefully it will just sound like I'm on the phone miles and miles away, instead of right here, with you, wherever you are. The good news is I have bought a new microphone for the next podcast episode!
Join me and Regina for a cuppa and a chat as we check in as to how we are doing with the current energies. We share ideas including different ways to ground, centre and stay afloat in times of high frequency light. As always, we have different ideas to share, from different perspectives, and we disclose some of our personal stories for your amusement!! We both hope this episode validates how you're feeling, normalises what is going on, and inspires you to feel able to try some of these tips and tools we share, for yourselves. I reckon the info here must be important if there are technical issues! So bear with it if you can, grab yourself a cuppa and laugh along with us. Much love to you xox

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