49 - Guest Episode - Living life from the heart space - with Lucy Davis

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Meet Lucy! Lucy Davis is a natural, born intuitive who has learned to utilise the skills she was given to transform lives. She calls herself 'The Wanderess', as she has been travelling the world widely this past few years, working with light-codes and activating abundance flow on the land.
We had some technical difficulties recording a YouTube Live together while she was in a hotel room in Turkey. It was quite funny so I thought I'd share it here, on Healing for Healers, as we do discuss quite a lot of things that are relevant, and interesting on this topic.
About Lucy: The path Lucy guides you through will very quickly have you dropping from your head, in to your heart space and unlocking your true, unlimited potential.Lucy is on a mission to unlock the human race from the shackles they have applied to themselves over the years from pre-conditioned beliefs and societies rulings. By the end of 2022, Lucy is looking to have held space for over 1 million people Globally to go on the journey from their heads, to their hearts. You can find her on her YouTube Channel

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