95. A Gynecologist Answers Your Questions About Reproductive Health with Dr. Kenosha Gleaton

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Dr. Kenosha Gleaton is board certified in gynecology and obstetrics and the Medical Director of Natalist. She received her MD from MUSC and completed her residency at Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte, NC. There are so many women who feel unheard or uncared for when they step into their gynecologist’s office. Dr. Gleaton’s approach is open-minded, science-backed, and blends proven research with a trust in women’s experiences. We talk about infertility struggles, different forms of birth control, details on bacterial vaginosis (BV), and other gynecological issues.

We Chat About:

  • Dr. Gleaton’s favorite products for supporting conception
  • Finding support after miscarriage
  • Progesterone’s impact on reproduction
  • Dr. Gleaton’s fertility journey
  • Different methods of birth control


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