Wallowing In Your Past!

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Your Morning INspiration For 11/16/20 STOP WALLOWING! Today is Monday, the beginning of the rest of your lives. Stop wallowing in the mistakes of your pasts, learn from them, and make today the beginning of your new journey! You know the path you took last week led you to nowhere positive; take the opposing direction this week to make more incredible things happen because of the lessons you learned. I am C. Maria Wall, J.D. Unapologetically For F.O.C.U.S Females Offering Clarity Unity and Success ® Podcast & Programs https://www.facebook.com/thewallfoundationinc.org http://thewallfoundationinc.org/ https://www.blogtalkradio.com/healing-through-hurt 202-618-2556 PO Box 272, Randallstown, Maryland 21133-0272

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