Careers in Medicine, Mentorship, and Medical Meetings

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Drs. Ross Levine, David Steensma, and a surprise recurring guest form a roundtable on today’s show to discuss making the career choice of a non-PhD lab-based scientist and what that entails on a day-to-day basis, how mentoring individuals in other labs is a rewarding and continuous process, what makes a good mentor, managing and securing grant funding for lab research (including the secrets of writing effective grants), making the transition from the clinic to industry and the day-to-day expectations in this environment, and misconceptions of the intentions and cultures of pharmaceutical companies. They wrap up the discussion with a commentary on the overabundance of medical meetings and how they are managing their conference travel schedules against their COVID wariness. Check out Chadi’s website for all Healthcare Unfiltered episodes and other content. Watch all Healthcare Unfiltered episodes on Youtube.

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