Episode 15 - The Power of Kindness with Dana Morgan-Barnes

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Dana Morgan-Barnes is a Speaker, Trainer, Author and Life Coach who’s been running her practice under the brand - Coach Dana Inspires, offering wholeness services such as Keynote Speeches - The Power of Kindness, Speaker Coaching - Beginning & Intermediate, Individual & Group Life Coaching, and Master of Ceremonies. Her practice has three core purposes and they are: to help individuals who are in the process of finding out their next career move, to offer individuals perspective and action points for a better work/life balance or a healthier life, and to assist individuals in their process of improving their presentation skills.

Through her customized coaching packages, Dana is able to help people achieve their goals with her methods as a keynote speaker on the topic of the Power of Kindness. Even though she grew up in an unwelcoming and harsh environment, she saw through how much kindness could change a person and their lives for the better with coaching. And with the help of mentors like John Maxwell, she became a wellness coach and a Certified World Class Speaking Coach with a passion to share the message of kindness and to help speakers overcome nervousness and stage presence.

Grab a copy of Dana’s book - You Have The Power of Kindness, available on Amazon or get a signed version from her website at https://coachdanainspires.com/products/you-have-the-power-of-kindness-book/

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