Who Let The Homeless Guy In with Andrew & Rachel Blaukamp

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Ep #15 - Our guests on today's episode are Andrew & Rachel Blaukamp who share their story from dating to being married with two young kids. If you are looking for a fresh take on relationships and a revelation of what it means to trust God in each season, do not miss this episode! PLUS you'll get to hear Rachel share what it's like being married to the real batman...don't miss it!

Listen to ‘In The Moment’ with Rachel Blaukamp on Spotify or Apple Music.

Karl and Amanda lead a local church in West Michigan and are passionate about loving God and loving people. They live a life of adventure and in their 20+ years of marriage have raised 3 amazing kids, led a church plant, influenced and ran many programs, and counseled both individuals and couples. Their dream is to see those around them be all God has called them to be, and enjoy life along the way! Stay connected with Karl and Amanda when you follow them on Instagram: Follow Karl, Follow Amanda

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