HSH 152 - Creating Art & Profits with Marisa Cummings

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On this episode, I am talking to one of my clients, Marisa Cummings, who is going to come on and tell you a little bit about her experience working with us, what she has realized about investing in herself, and some other really incredible things. If you are ready to learn from someone that has learned from me then this episode is for you.

Marisa is in our group coaching program and she has also gone through some of our courses, low-ticket offers, and weekend workshops. Marisa is an A player in her space and she has really established a name and brand for herself. She has done a lot of amazing things in the last year. I am really excited to bring her on the show because I also want to bring in another voice to talk to you about what they have done with their business using some of the methodologies that we teach.

Connect with Marisa Cummings:

Marisa's Website: https://creativethursday.com/

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