Neil Volzke and Cameron Eyre: Stratford District Council introduces rates for foresty plantation owners to repair damaged roads

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Stratford District Council has introduced a targeted rate for forestry plantation owners to repair damaged roads.
It says the roads can't cope with large trucks and owners should be doing their part on upkeep.
District Council Mayor Neil Volzke told Heather du Plessis Allan there's a huge amount of damage happening.
“An example recently was one small wooden bridge that had the signs taken off it by logging vehicles. That repair alone is $100,000 worth.”
NZ Forestry Taranaki Representative Cameron Eyre says it's clumsily put together, inaccurate and they're disappointed.
He says they harvest trees once every 28 years.
“Yeah it’s causing damage. The council’s happily taken our rates for 25 years and done nothing with the road.”

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